Fabric Manipulation

As not all people know what’s the meaning of Fabric Manipulation? I will explain a little bit about fabric manipulation before I let you know what experiment that I have done in school.

Fabric manipulations are techniques that reshape a fabric or textile surface.

Let’s try some experiment that you don’t know it will be a success or fail. Just try until you get the right thing… Don’t give up, guys!!! Belief yourself ” you can do it and find something new” -XC-

Don’t give up, guys!!! Belief in yourself, “You can do it and find something new” -XC-

The First Experiment

Actually, I didn’t know what I was doing in class. My lecturer gave 1-meter fabric to every student  and he said we only can use one shape to make something that interesting. I think the result of this experiment is quite nice. It was looked like chrysanthemum tea.


The Second Experiment: Smocking without threat and needle ??? I only used a stapler.


The Third Experiment

Can you guess what I’m thinking about this experiment?

Ehmmm… IT’S NOT NICE 😦 No comment for this experiment

It’s true, right???


The Fourth Experiment: Gathers on the thick fabric

IMG_0180 2.jpg

The Fifth Experiment

The technique that I used to make this experiment is easy but it need a lot of time to finish it. I chose PVC fabric because it is not fray when I cut it.

Before I started the final garment with this fabric manipulation,  I did it with muslin fabric.

IMG_0174.jpgIMG_0176 2.jpg

The Final Garment


If I had a lot of time, I would make sleeves… Never mind… Maybe I will continue it later if I am free. And If I had more money, I would not use PVC fabric. I would use the real leather because it does not have the ugly wrong side.

Thanks 🙂 -XC-


Published by: xenaclaudya

I am an Indonesian-Chinese fashion designer who was born in Jambi in 1997 and raised in Jakarta and Jambi. I has been interested in fashion started since high school. I am a student in Raffles Design Institute Singapore. I am interested in details and unique techniques to produce clothes. The style of my collection is merged both glam and sculptural. My favourite designers are Tex Saverio, Donatella Versace, and Sandra Backlund.

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